Have you forgotten the meaning of natural meat ?

The beef and also an organic beef can be named today as artificial beef.
A natural beef hasn't been known and used for over 50 years. Even the media is discussing only about organic meat and mass production meat - the meat artificially constructed by modern man, which is what usually is marketed in every supermarket and shop. We therefore agree with the analysis of various scholars that such meat is harmful for human health.

What is natural meat?

Natural meat is 100% grass-fed. Animals pasture in freedom in wild and pure nature, where they can enjoy fresh grass, herbs, flowers and natural spring water. Alps are one of the purest areas in this world. The areas where old traditions are kept alive with honor and passion. According to the traditions and respect to animals, cows can live their life happily according to the rhythm of nature. 

Natural meat is basically extincted. Why?

Because human has been upsetting the laws of nature.

Nowadays  intensive meat production is designed to speed up the growth of the animals in order to have large quantities of meat to put on the market at low prices to everyone. This is gained through unnatural feed - corn, soya, gmo, dry food formulas.

About 50 or 55 years ago, scientists have taught farmers how to produce beef, pork, poultry artificially, upsetting the laws of nature. Cows as herbivorous animals were forced to become omnivores, pigs as omnivores to granivorous, chickens as omnivores to granivores.

The cattle knows the herbs and plants of the ancient world where they are originated. Both edible ones and poisonous ones are recognized by smell, and cattle knows how to distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms, they know which herb leaves and seeds are a source of protein.

When they feed, first they search for the source of protein and then swallow the fiber.

But the most important thing is that cattle lacks the knowledge of all the herbs and plants from the New World that have spread in the old continent, naturally including corn. From experiments it is noticed that the corn seed is completely unknown for cattle and also refused. 

It was the man of the twentieth century who accepted it, as food. It allowed to use it in large quantities for the production of beef. However the result was very disappointing because it created excessive accumulation of fat in meat seen never before. But propaganda of corn feed continued.

Since 60s of the last century, cattle has been forced to feed themselves, as well as with corn, with all kinds of waste from agricultural food industries, such as pellets and extraction meal of oilseeds, sugar beet pulp, tomato films, skins d 'grapes, brewers grains, potato pulp, meat meal, dried fats, biscuits, chocolate and additionally vitamins and supplements etc., even in the formulas was introduced urea, which as you know is a mineral fertilizer, not the famous hormones that in certain states of the world are legal. Shocking? 

How is it that the meat produced by similar methods is then declared quality meat, high quality meat on shop desk? How these two are even different from each other?

They aren't.

It is only one decoy in order to dupe consumers, who for decades have lost the habit of eating naturally. 

Some breeders may argue that meat obtained with organic food is to be considered natural. Organic rules require to feed the animals even with compound feed. At this point even this meat is considered artificially constructed.

Rambo cows

We must remember that ALL cows that are exposed to livestock events/exihibitions are raised with super protein foods, which have nothing to do with herbivorous feed. Those who saw the cattle raised on farms 60 years ago and those of today, noted the big difference.

Animals fed with natural method might not even participate in exhibitions because they can not compete with their own kind that are built with strange nutrients outside of nature's laws. You can not put in competition two same age animals, one raised on grass, growing an average of 500 grams per day, and another pumped with artificial feed that makes it grow daily 2 kg!

Cattles built by today's farmers are also outwardly different from natural ones. While the latter are presented with dry body and massive muscles, others have flabby body, they are obese and slow moving. 

It is interesting to note that the wrong power supply integrated with chemical additives have a negative influence on the intellectual behavior of animals. Indeed, the cows artificially constructed are in a permanent state of torpor, almost in a state of dementia. 

The word herbivore is unknown..

Let's start by saying that out of 100 cattle slaughtered 99 were bred artificially. Natural meats are only 1% in Italy. Why? The answer is simple. The breeders were convinced by incompetent informants that animals bred with complex feed bring more benefits than with those who eat grass.They believe that by providing the water to animals will create the same conditions of green food.

Serious error, because the cattle, also because of the salts and other substances contained in the rations, is induced to drink massive amount of water for the hydration of the dry substance.

Artificial feed = Artificial meat 

  • Formulas turn animal into fat instead of meat.
  • Artificial feed has doubled the costs of meat processing. More fat, more expenses for disposal of special waste. It did not exist 60 years ago!!
  • Because of dry formulas, animals drink more water for the hydration of the dry substance. This leads to a significant accumulation of water in the tissues.
  • Bovine fed with dry ration, daily drink between 50 and 60 liters of water and in the summer season 80 liters and more.
  • When the animal is slaughtered, the stage of the case cooling releases tens of gallons of water.
  • The meat from those half-carcases, in order to be presentable to consumers, must be previously degreased, an operation that does not happen on the half-carcases of animals bred naturally because the fat is almost non-existent.
  • Meat deteriorates in short time and shows negative colors. To avoid it, often additives, preservatives and colourings are added to make it look better for buyers.
  • The huge amount of fat that accumulate in slaughterhouses are collected by companies authorized to transport waste products from slaughter and conveyed in establishments specifically built where these fats are processed, refined, stabilized with chemical procedures in order to be able to enter the food chain of humans and animals.

Grass fed = Natural meat

  • Natural feed grows meat. Animals have basically no fat.
  • No degreasing process - an operation that does not happen on the half-carcases of animals bred naturally because the fat is almost non-existent.
  • An adult cattle fed a green substance, assuming normal weather conditions, almost does not feel the need to drink. And in summer, when the heat is strong, they drink around 25 or 30 liters per day to compensate the sweating.
  • When the animal is slaughtered, the stage of the case cooling releases only 4 or 5 liters.
  • Natural meat is very resistant to oxidation therefore it does not easily deteriorate, meat maintains the normal coloration for long time.
  • Natural meat can be frozen for many years without losing its organoleptic characteristics and it is maintaining the natural color.

Let's get into numbers 

Artificial meat 

  • Half-carcass of 100 kg of artificially bred beef provides you 60 kg of meat.
  • Resistance of cooking: The 60 kg weighed artificial meat loses weight after cooking 50%. Finally you get 30 kg of cooked meat (experiment was performed with the Piedmontese breed meats, one of the world's best.)
  • Animals in intensive farming are almost exclusively maintained with large amounts of corn and soybeans that are rich in omega 6 and very poor in omega 3. With artificial feed omega 6 and omega 3 are imbalanced as 40 to 1.
  • Omega-6 stimulates the formation of fat cells and promotes the accumulation of fat that is harmful to animals and humans.

Natural meat

  • A half-carcass of 100 kg of a naturally raised beef provides 80 kg of meat to sell.
  • Resistance of cooking: 80 kg weighed after cooking 25% less, which means we get 60 kg of cooked meat (experiment was performed with the Piedmontese breed meats, one of the world's best.)
  • Natural meat is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, perfectly balanced with omega 6 - 1 to 1. Omega 3 limits the formation of fat cells.
*This report about the different of artificial meat and natural meat is written by Giorgi Scelsi, who has been Razza Piemontese cattle breeder for 40 years. Nevertheless this report here applies to all breeds.