Bio Raw Alpine Wild Rhododendron Honey - Slow Food Presidium
Bio Raw Alpine Wild Rhododendron Honey - Slow Food Presidium
Bio Raw Alpine Wild Rhododendron Honey - Slow Food Presidium

Bio Raw Alpine Wild Rhododendron Honey - Slow Food Presidium


Price includes private delivery from Alps to your home.

One of the rarest and most exceptional honeys from Marguareis Natural Park in altitude of 2000m. Highly valued for the purity of environment in which it is collected.

Collection includes:
2 x 500gr Alpine Rhododendron Honey 

  • All honeys are bio and raw. 
  • No added sugars, no heating processes. 
  • Bees are kept healthy with natural methods. No antibiotics, no chemicals used!
  • The Alpine environment is clean - pure air and pure water, no villages, no urban life.
  • There are no nearby intensive farming, so the bees can work undisturbed without having any source of stress.
  • There are no residues of heavy metals, nor traces of herbicides such as dangerous glyphosate.


Alpine wild rhododendron honey is counted among the honeys of Slow Food Presidium. It is made from the pollen of the rhododendron plant that grows high up in the Italian Alps such that it is often called "Rosa delle Alpi" or Rose of the Alps. This liquid honey is known for its light aroma and subtle flavors. This is one of the more difficult varietal honeys to make as the areas where the rhododendron grow can be difficult to access and the blooms are often available only in late June through July. 

Rhododendron honey has a beautiful fine crystal structure, a creamy and spreadable texture, a sweet and delicate taste. It has very unique organoleptic characteristics. It is purifying, restorative, it calms the nervous centers and helps arthritis.


There are more than 700 botanical species of rhododendron on the planet, and only 5 of them were found to be producing toxic nectar. These are endemic species found in Turkey, in particular R. ponticum and R. flavum, and it is in these regions that in the past some cases of poisoning were reported after people had ingested rhododendron honey.

Italian Alps have rhododedron type ( R. ferrugineum) which does not produce toxic nectar. 


Rhododendron is very delicate honey with silky smooth texture and floral bouquet. 

Rhododendron honey can be used in many ways. It is delicious with alpine raw milk yoghurt and berries, summer fruits. Or enjoy an amazing taste adventure by combining creamy alpine raw milk butter with rhododendron honey - it is so good that be careful of being highly addicted.

In addition, add rhododendron honey to cheese plate - it matches perfectly with Raschera d'Alpeggio, Delizia d'Alpeggio, Delizia d'Capra and Gobbo Acacia raw milk cheeses. Don't forget to add rhododendron honey on figs, melons and strawberries.