Raw Alpine Melata d' Monregalesi
Raw Alpine Melata d' Monregalesi
Raw Alpine Melata d' Monregalesi
Raw Alpine Melata d' Monregalesi

Raw Alpine Melata d' Monregalesi


Price includes private delivery from Alps to your home.

Melata honeys are one of the rarest and most exceptional honeys that has born with an unique cooperation between bees and aphids.

*NB! Due to the hard weather conditions in Alps, the size of production (2018) is only 100 kg. Be quick! 

  • All honeys are bio and raw. 
  • No added sugars, no heating processes. 
  • Bees are kept healthy with natural methods. No antibiotics, no chemicals used!
  • The Alpine environment is clean - pure air and pure water, no villages, no urban life.
  • There are no nearby intensive farming, so the bees can work undisturbed without having any source of stress.
  • There are no residues of heavy metals, nor traces of herbicides such as dangerous glyphosate.


Melata d'Monregalesi is not derived from the collection of blossom pollen. This unique honey is made by bees that collect special nectar secretion produced by different aphids. Aphids live on alpine fir, oak and linden trees and feeding on the sap therein.

Production time is from July to September which is the 'high season' for insects. Aphids are gentle, any rain season can destroy the aphids which makes it not only rarest but also the most complicated honeys to produce.

Monregalese forests include more oak trees which gives an amazing taste palate to the honey, exactly the feeling like honey has been in oak barrels for long time. This gorgeous honey is slightly sweet, it has medium intensity and persistent. It is very sticky and rarely crystallizes completely. 

Perfect for healthy life-style!

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