6 Btls Madonna dell’Olivo RARO - FlosOlei 2020, 99/100

6 Btls Madonna dell’Olivo RARO - FlosOlei 2020, 99/100



The world's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blended – Medium Fruity

Flos Olei 2020, 99/100 points.   

Variety: Rotondella, Ravece
Tasting category: medium fruity

Tasting notes: Aroma is powerful and enveloping, full of fruity scents of unripe tomato, unripe banana, apple with balsamic notes of mint, rosemary and sage.

Taste has spicy tones of chicory, lettuce, green pepper and almond. Bitter powerful and spicy decided.

Raro is ideal on octopus salad, tomato bruschettas, tuna carpaccio, marinated bluefish, artichoke salads, pasta with sausages, bean soups, meat cous cous, stewed swordfish, grilled red meats, hard mature cheeses.


- The world's  Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blended – Medium Fruity

- Flos Olei 2020 (98/100)
- Flos Olei 2019 (98/100)

- and lots of other rewards...


Antonino Mennella is a passionate young extra virgin olive oil producer from the Salerno area of Campania.

With his small 2000-tree farm he produces this limited edition Raro (‘rare’) extra virgin olive oil from a blend of Ravece and Rotondella olives. This is a "denocciolato" oil, meaning the olive pits are removed from the olives before pressing.  He uses advanced pressing and processing technology to provide a super extra virgin with double the average content of polyphenol antioxidants and an astoundingly low level of free oleic acid - almost the same level of freshness as an olive still on the tree.

La Madonna dell’Olivo has a remarkably well balanced flavor profile and optimal levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E tocopherols, making it a ‘double winner’-- an elixir of good health and flavor.