Pancetta Cinta Senese DOP, Apennine Alps

Pancetta Cinta Senese DOP, Apennine Alps


*Price includes delivery from Alps to pick-up point in Finland.

Delicious and juicy cured meat of Cinta Senese pork belly. 

Pancetta is delicious raw pork belly meat cured with salt and abundant pepper. 


Cinta Senese is highly valued pig breed, who grazes in wild forests on Tuscany hills. The animals feed primarily on acorns which this area of Tuscany is particularly rich due to the presence of a high number of evergreen oaks. Forests provide also chestnuts, tubers, roots, truffles etc, highly nutritious food that is natural.

Cinta Senese is a slow food. It is grown slowly. If industrial pigs must reach to 160/180 kg in 9/10 months, then Cinta Senese grows naturally more than 18 months. Cinta Senese meat is highly valued due to its amazing taste where purity and wilderness turn this meat into incredible gourmet food.

Cinta Senese salames and cured hams are 100% natural, without any additives, flavorings, preservatives, nitrites. It is GMO and antibiotics free.
The interesting fact is that Cinta Senese pig is well recognizable in the fourteenth century ‘Buon Governo’ (good rule) fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.


Cut thin slices and enjoy with a glass of good red wine. Eat it raw as an appetiser/entree. You can also serve it on top of pizzas, paninis etc. Pancetta preserves nicely for 3 months.


Preserve cured meats in fridge. You can keep them in food paper. Never use any covered boxes, because cured meats need breathing. After cutting, cover the cut area with food film to avoid drying. Shelf life is 3-4 months.